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News Archive

Malware resolved

It appears the malware warnings have now been fully removed from the site. If you continue to experience them, please let us know via email (staff@). Thanks to all those who helped with resolution!

CDN and Security Issues

We have recently moved ActionScript.org over to a CDN with over 10 locations around the world. This should result in much faster load times for most users.

We are aware some users are experiencing malware warnings. These are errors: the site is clean. We are working with Google to clear these errors and hope to have the issue resolved soon.

Malware attack

Some of you may be experiencing warnings from antivirus software, Google search results, or Chrome that ActionScipt.org contains malware. Unfortunately, we were one of hundreds of sites compromised by crackers in recent days, using a known security issue in some old software. The crackers changed a javascript file which caused Google and some anti-virus products to classify the site as malware. We have fixed this issue and the security hole which led to it. If you continue to experience issues in 48 hours, please let us know via email (staff@). Thanks, and apologies for any inconvenience.

ActionScript.org turns 11

Today, ActionScript.org celebrates our 11th birthday. Thank you all we've come a long way from this, to this, to what you see today. And we couldn't have done it without our amazing community of volunteers and enthusiasts. So thanks to you all, and happy birthday!

Flash In The Can (FITC) Amsterdam 2011 discount coupon code

FITC Amsterdam has been announced, and as always we've gotten an exclsuive discount for ActionScript.org members. Discount code Actionscript provides 10% off any FITC Amsterdam 2011 tickets. The super early bird deadline is November 25th. (No, we don't get kickbacks. We just love you!)

Scheduled downtime

Please be aware we will experience some scheduled downtime on the 17th of August due to a server upgrade. We should be back up and running from 4am CDT.

Facebook likes

We're trying to stay with the times and have integrated some social plugins recently. Please don't forget to Like us via the Facebook plugin in the right column of each page. You can also share all articles, tutorials and even forums posts via the integrated Facebook and Twitter buttons to!

Free ticket to FITC Toronto on offer

Want a free ticket to Flash In The Can in Toronto? We have one to give away. Read more here.

Discounts for FITC Toronto, 2011

Planning on going to FITC in Toronto? The first 10 people to use discount code 'ihatesnow' save $100 on FITC Toronto 2011 WORKS ticket. More here. Also 2 VIP tickets to FITC Toronto being auction to raise funds for Japan relief. Ends Friday 1pm EST. More here. Finally, Early bird pricing has been extended until March 27th. Don't forget you can always score a 10% discount using our members' code: ActionScript10.

FITC Amsterdam review

We recently sent Ruben Swieringa (actionscript.org community member) along to Flash In The Can (FITC) in Amsterdam. Read his review here.

Get a 10% discount on FITC tickets

If you're thinking of going along to FITC, we've managed to get our members a 10% discount on tickets. Read more here.

Happy New Year

We'd like to wish all our members a happy, safe and prosperous 2011. Thanks for your support and we look forward to working with you throughout the year!

ActionScript.org Turns 10

Today, ActionScript officially turns 10 years old. We'd like to thank everyone who has made this site what it is. From the authors, to the users and advertisers, it's been a privilege to be part of such a strong community which, hopefully, has helped so many people learn. You can read the thoughts of one of our founders, and contribute your own memories, here.

Adobe CS5 Suite Launch Data Announced

Adobe today announced the official launch date for CS5 (April 12th) and are already planning a launch briefing online. Read more and share your opinions via this link.

Petition Google AdWords to Accept AS3

We were recently contacted by a group who are petitioning Google AdWords to accept ActionScript 3 in banner ads. As some of you may know, Google only allow ActionScript 2 (or lower) in AdSense ads, and a lot of developers have issues with this. If you'd like to throw your support behind this movement, you can 'sign' the Facebook petition.
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