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News Archive

Employment Section Bug Fixes

We've fixed some outstanding issues with the Employment Section which were sometimes preventing Freelancers from updating their account details. If you experienced this issue, please try again now. If you spot any bugs in the Employment section, or anywhere in the site, please contact us to let us know.

CAPTCHA Issue Resolved

Thanks to those who alerted us to an outstanding issue with CAPTCHAs. If you have had any issues posting comments, or signing up as an Author it was probably due to this bug, which has now been resolved. Please try again.

Brand New ActionScript.org Goes Live

In the last few hours we transitioned ActionScript.org to a brand new design, and a new backend system! Phew!

You can read all about the changes, why we made them, and what people think (as well as give us your opinion) via this Forums thread.

Tutorials, Articles and Blogs Sections -- Site Speed Issue

We're experiencing intermittent issues with the Articles, Tutorials and Blogs sections of the site. Some users are noticing that they cannot load pages in these sections; the site simply times out. We're presently looking into the cause of this issue. You can help! If you experience this issue please write to us via staff at actionscript [dot] org and let us know the following:
  • The time, and where in the world you live
  • Your browser
  • The section of the site which you tried to load without success
  • For users of Firefox, if you try loading the same page in Internet Explorer, does it load any faster?
As the problem is intermittent it's really hard to catch, so we greatly appreciate your assistance.

Blogging on Flash In The Can

As we sometimes do we've sent a couple of local delegates along to Flash In The Can (FTIC), in Amsterdam. Don't miss their updates on all the cool presentations and goss, which can be read in the Blogs section! (We told you we'd find a use for it!)

Winners of Tutorial Competition Announced

After days of deliberations over a range of very high quality submissions, we're pleased to announce we've decided the winners for our recent tutorial competition. Before we get into the winners, we'd like to once again gratefully acknowledge our great sponsors for this event, without whom none of these prizes could have been provided! To recap, on offer was:
  • $900 worth of JumpEye vouchers, to be spent on JumpEye Flash Components, courtesy of the folks JumpEye Flash Components.
  • Two copies of Wildform's WildPresenter tool, valued at $600.
  • Seven copies of Chameleon Flash's Chameleon Flash Pro, to turn your SWF projects into customized executables and screensavers.
  • $200 worth of Flashloaded vouchers to be spent on FlashLoaded's great collection of Flash components.
  • $800 worth of cash from us at ActionScript.org
We'd also like to thank everyone who contributed to the competition; entries were generally excellent and it's always hard to choose between them. In the end we came to these conclusions. The Grand Prize goes to Jody Hall. Congratulations to Jody, who's won:
  • $500 cash (via PayPal) from ActionScript.org;
  • A JumpEye Components voucher to the value of $400, to be spent on JumpEye Flash components;
  • One copy of Wildform's Wildpresenter, valued at $299;
  • A FlashLoaded voucher to the value of $125, to be spent on FlashLoaded products; and
  • One copy of Chameleon Flash Pro (valued at $100).
Our first runner-up is Mike McKinnon, who will receive:
  • $300 cash (via PayPal) from ActionScript.org;
  • One copy of Wildform's Wildpresenter, valued at $299;
  • A JumpEye Components voucher valued at $250, to be spent on JumpEye Flash components;
  • A FlashLoaded voucher to the value of $75, to be spent on FlashLoaded components; and
  • One copy of Chameleon Flash Pro (valued at $100).
And finally, congratulations to our secondary runners-up: Alejandro Quarto, Anton Krasnoschok, Bryan Grezeszak , Keith Sumner and Tolga Ozdemir. You will each be receiving:
  • One copy of Chameleon Flash Pro (valued at $100); and
  • A JumpEye Components voucher valued at $50 to be spent on JumpEye Flash components.
Thanks again to everyone involved. We look forward to more great contributions from you all in the future!

Tutorial Competition Closed

The Tutorial Competition is now officially closed. We'd like to thank everyone who contributed; there's been a range of very high quality contributions, which always makes the judges' jobs hard. As noted in the competition description, winners will be announced in the New Year. Stay tuned, and thanks again!

Minor extension to tutorial competition

We've had a few requests to extend the deadline of the Tutorial Competition, and with the great quality submissions we've been receiving, we've decided to extend the closing date by one week from Dec 9th to Dec 16th. That gives you a few more days to get your content up to scratch and into the CMS! Good luck!

Milenia Grafter Server - 64kb FREE Flash Media Server

Milan Toth, who has written a range of great tutorials on ActionScript.org, has recently released Milenia Grafter Server, a free Flash Media Server which weighs only 64kb. We thought the link was worth sharing with you all!

Tutorial Competition Launched

We've launched a new competition which runs until early December. Up for grabs are over $3,000 in cash and prizes. For all the details, check out the Competition Page. You can also discuss the new competition on the forums.

Web DU Call for Papers

WebDU 2008 issued their first call for papers yesterday. If you're planning on coming "down under" for this great conference next year, you may wish to consider being a speaker: http://www.webdu.com.au/go/call-for-papers .

Competition Start Date

We're almost ready for the upcoming competition, so for those of you who plan on participating, get your Tutorial-typing fingers in good shape! We'll be launching this weekend.

New competition - thousands in cash and prizes

We're going to be launching a new Articles & Tutorial competition in the next few weeks. Entrants will be in the running for several thousand dollars worth of cash and prizes. In order to participate you will need to be a Registered Author in the CMS, so if you think you'd like to partake and you haven't already signed up, please do so now (via the Become and Author link), and watch this space for more info!

Adobe running free full day Flash training with Collin Moock

We recently heard from Adobe's media agency that, starting this month and running though 2008 Collin Moock will be leading free full day ActionScript training courses for people at beginner and intermediate skill, all around the world. The release states "The tour starts October 27 in San Francisco and will reach 9 cities worldwide including Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and major design markets in Europe and Asia Pacific. Registration is required and due to popularity and demand, sessions are expected to fill up quickly." Find out more at www.adobeas3tour.com.

Forum Restructure

We've recently restructured the forums in accordance with the requests of users. The new structure supports a range of new topics including AIR (Apollo), Gaming, Mobile Device and Desktop Development, and more. We have also aligned and merged older boards by Flash and ActionScript version. Check out the forums for more.
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