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News Archive

"Exceptions and Exception Handling" by Colin Moock now live.

We've just published another fantastic excerpt from O'Reilly Inc. by Flash Guru extraordinaire Colin Moock. Jump to the next level of professionalism and best practice compliance with your code by learning all about Exceptions and Exception Handling.

Adobe's CS3 Promotional Activites

Adobe have got a raft of CS3 promotional activities coming up include USA-based conferences and workshops, podcasts and online seminars discussing the capabilities of the new suite. Find out more here.

New O'Reilly Excerpt - Performance and Optimization Tips & Tricks

We've just published another excellent book excerpt from O'Reilly. This time around it's the Performance and Optimization chapter of Flash Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools. Check it out online.

Adobe Announce CS3

Yesterday, Adobe announced some bare minimum information on Adobe Creative Suite 3; the next suite of Adobe tools. Check out the press release here. Meanwhile, despite the fact that we've been quiet on the news front, we've had some fantastic articles lodged by various authors. Be sure to check them out!

Feed Our Jobs (RSS)

As promised a while ago, we've now set up an RSS feed which serves the latest Jobs in the Employment Section. This should enable those of you who frequent the Employment section to review new posts with minimal effort. The feed serves the last 20 jobs only, which is generally about a week's worth of posts.

DNS swtich mostly done

Some people noticed temporary unavailability of the site via some of our many domains yesterday. This was expected but unavoidable, due to the DNS change, mentioned earlier. Each person's experience will be different as DNS entries propagate. Things seem to be up and running now for most people. Rest assured, the site is certainly here when your DNS entries catch up!

Quick DNS change

We've had to quickly change the DNS settings over. If you have any issues with the site over the next 72 hours, it's likely due to the DNS changes propagating. Sorry for any inconvenience.

webDU 2007 conference, coming March 2007

It's that time of year again. The webDU 2007 conference is coming, 22-23 March, Sydney, Australia. Official spiel is "Chock full of Flash, Flex, Flash Lite and Apollo goodness, webDU 2007 is the conference for Antipodean Flash developers. Join Mike Chambers, Mike Downey, Ted Patrick, Guy Watson and a host of other local and international Actionscript luminaries." We've attended webDU each year for the last few years, learned a lot and met plenty of cool people in the process. So if you happen to be wanderring past Australia in March, be sure to check it out.

O'Reilly Content on ActionScript.org

O'Reilly Media Inc., one of the most respected technology publishers in the industry, has agreed to allow ActionScript.org to bring you specific chapters from outstanding O'Reilly Flash publications via the ActionScript.org website for free. That right, over the coming months, selected content direct from O'Reilly's fantastic Flash titles will be avaialble via ActionScript.org. The first such installment is a whole chapter on Best Practices, from Tom Muck's Flash Remoting: The Definitive guide. We highly recommend you check out this fantastic content as its lessons can be applied generally as Flash and ActionScript Best Practices.

Author Accounts Now Available

We have opened up registration for those of you who wish to be able to contribute Articles (Tutorials, etc.) to the site. You can now "Become an Author" via the link in the top menu or on the right hand side of most pages. Got some spare time before work starts back? How about writing a tutorial? If you've ever wanted to contribute content to the site, now is the best time to do it! We, and the community, thank you in advance for your contributions.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

As 2007 is closing in fast we'd like to take a moment to wish you all a very merry Christmas / festive season of your choosing. The Christmas break should give us some time to address certain pressing issues users have with the new site, and make general improvements, so be sure to return in January 2007 and say hi. Until then, please take care and have a fantastic, fun and safe New Year!

Worlds best Flash Platform Vertical Search Engine - Let's build it!

There's a long-winded post on the forums about an idea Jesse just had. Basically, using a relatively new feature from Google Labs, we can work together to build a Flash Platform specific sub-search of Google, which will return really relevant results from only the best Flash Platform developer sites around. Check out how you can use it, and contribute to its refinement via this thread.

Web 2.0ish ActionScript.org

We've recently been making efforts to "Web 2.0"-ify the site. You will notice that all articles, tutorials and the like are now available for syndication via our Syndicate page. Forum threads and thread listings are also syndicatable. All tutorials, articles and forum threads have recently been updated to include one-click links to social book-marking tools such as Del.ico.us and the like. For more on that, see this thread. We encourage you to investigate these powerful features as means of staying up to date with the latest content on the site.

New design, new server, new CMS. NEW ActionScript.org!

Welcome to the NEW ActionScript.org! We're very happy to announce that after about six months of delays the new site is up and running. The change is not only in the design but also the entire backbone of the site, which has moved from static HTML pages to a real-time Content Management System. We've also migrated to bigger, stronger hardware and a faster Internet connection, so downloads and processing times should be reduced. With the new CMS, authors will soon be able to publish and edit their own Article and Tutorial content as they wish, plus there's a bunch of new features which we hope will enable us to continue to build this great community. Your comments are very welcome via the relevant discussion thread on the General Chat forum. (Forum posts are better than email at the moment, while the DNS propagates.) For the next few days you may experience minor issues as the DNS changes propagate. Please be patient during this time.

Flash Player 9 Beta... again

There's a new Flash Player 9 Beta out with some groovy new features. Check it out here.
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