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Featured Positions

What is a Featured Position?

A Featured Position is a Standard Position whose exposure is greatly elevated for a period of time. Featuring a Position is a commercial service offered by ActionScript.org, and fees apply. See below.

Featured Positions appear in the Featured Positions box which is included in every public page of the ActionScript.org site, except the forums. The below image shows the Featued Positions box.

Why Feature a Position?

In general, Featured Positions receive much more attention than Standard Positions. E.g. in February 2008, Featured Positions were viewed between five and eight times more often than Standard Positions.

What does a Featured Position cost?

The minimum period for which a Position can be Featured is two consecutive weeks. Multiples of two weeks are also acceptable; e.g. four weeks, six weeks, etc.

Featuring a Position costs are:

7 days = $100 USD
14 days = $150 USD
30 days = $200 USD

This price is subject to change in the future.

This price represents excellent value for money considering the reach of ActionScript.org. For this reason discounts are not offered for multiple Position listings, or extended Featured durations.

How can I Feature my Position?

A limited number of Featured Position placements are available on an ongoing basis. Availability of Featured Position placements is managed directly by the ActionScript.org Staff, via an automated process.

If you wish to Feature a Position, you must also have already posted the Position as a Standard Position (free). Then you simply need to log into your Employer account in the Employment Section, select "Feature My Ads", and follow the on-screen prompts.

Your request will be personally handled by the ActionScript.org Staff. If there is availability you will be invoiced via PayPal for payment. Upon Payment confirmation by our staff, your Position will become Featured.

Once a position reaches the end of its Featured period, it will be set back to a Standard Position.

Relative placement within the Featured Positions box are random and not customizable at this time. I.e. when you elect to Feature a Position, it will be shown in a random order along-side other Featured Positions box.

What is a Standard Position?

All Positions posted by Employers in the Employment Section are initially posted as Standard Positions. It is free to post a Standard Position. Standard Positions are exposed to the public via the Position Listing, the Positions Search pages, our Positions RSS feed, and via a weekly newsletter email to all opt-in Freelancers, but do not appear in the Featured Positions box.

About the ActionScript.org Employment Section

ActionScript.org is one of the largest, most trafficked Flash Communities in the world. In the month from January 25th 2008, the site served over 400,000 "absolute unique visitors" (source: Google Analytics).

The ActionScript.org Employment Section provides a valuable means of promoting available Positions to a large percentage of the best minds in the field, worldwide.

Can I pay via another means?

At this time PayPal payment is the only form of payment accepted.

I have other questions...

If you have questions about this service, please contact us via email ( ).

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