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Searching ActionScript.org

There are two ways to search ActionScript.org. You can use custom Google search below which will search all sections of ActionScript.org, or you may also use our own Advanced Search. The Advance Search will search only Articles, Tutorials Blogs, and Press releases (not the forums, or other site areas), but it will allow you to conduct a more granular search in those areas of the site. Please try the Advanced Search form at the bottom of this page.

Use Google to Search ActionScript.org


Using the below form you can search within the ActionScript.org Content Management system. This search is limited to those Categories shown in the Categories list to the left and will not search the forums, employment section, etc.

If you know the title of the content you are searching for, we highly recommend you leave only the "Title" check box below checked.

When selecting Categories, hold the control key on your keyboard and select all the categories in which you wish to search. Selecting "Tutorials" does not automatically search in all of the sub-categories of Tutorials; you must select the sub-categories individually.

Advanced Search

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